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Viv Martin

Blossom Series

This body of work uses the metaphor of flowering as a life cycle of beginnings, growth, change and transformation. Some images focus on the massing of separate elements to make a different whole and subsequent fragmentation. A language of imagery has been developed that is repeated and transformed, echoed in the use of printed fragments and collage. The series contains several large pieces of work, smaller panels and works on paper.

Viv has kept a detailed studio log of some of her recent projects on and uses her blog to comment on current work and activities.

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Feel the buzz 1 Feel the buzz 2 Feel the buzz 3
Making connections Moonlight blossom Vignettes Fall


Seeding Early blossom
Late blossom Decline and fall


Where the bee sucks A taste of honey
Fuzzy, bussy day Hmm Website by Shake It Up